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Membership Referral Program

How to Refer a Friend

As a current YMCA member, it's easy to help your friends save up to 20% off a Y membership through the Better Together Member Referral Program. Here's how:

Get Your Referral Code

You can use either your Membership ID or the bar code number on your membership card as your referral code to share with friends to become your Better Together Buddy. To find your Membership ID, simply log in to your YMCA online account.

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Reward Your Friends

Share your referral code with your friends and encourage them to join the Y. When they sign up for a qualifying membership, they'll receive up to 20% off their monthly membership fees as long as you're both active members.

Buddy Benefits

Depending on your membership type, you may also receive up to 20% off your membership as long as any of your Better Together Buddies has a qualifying YMCA membership.

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