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How to Triple Your Chance of Success

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Some members want to lose weight. Some want to gain strength. Others want to learn how to practice yoga, work on their balance, or do a proper push-up. The variety of goals we hear about is inspirational.

Turns out, there is one thing everyone can do to increase the chance of meeting their fitness goals. Who told us this? You did.

Every year, we conduct member surveys that ask a range of questions about your goals and experiences at the Y. The results are in, and here’s one of the biggest takeaways.

For the question, “Has the Y helped you meet your fitness goals?” the chances of a member answering “yes” tripled when they came to the Y at least once a week. That’s right: if you are currently coming 1-3 times a month and you increase that to 1-3 times a week, your chance of success can triple. No rocket science here. It’s that simple.

But is it? Well, yes and no. Sometimes just showing up presents a major hurdle—one our wellness experts help members overcome every day.

“Once you’re here, that’s half the battle,” says fitness instructor Robert McCrary. He has spent more than a decade at the Y training people to grow stronger and healthier. “You’ve got to get past that barrier, and that barrier is you telling yourself, ‘I really don’t want to do this.’”

We're here to help you break that barrier. Use these three no-nonsense tips to show up more consistently. 

  1. Stop thinking. There’s one you haven’t heard much before! But truly, overthinking whether or not you are going to exercise is a slippery slope. Just go through the motions. And if dread starts creeping in saying things like, “It’s going to be hard. I’m sore. I’m tired.” Stop thinking! Seriously, stop. Don’t drop. Roll on over to the Y.

  2. Decide on a schedule. We recommend sticking to a plan for the month, but at the least, make one for the week. This eliminates daily decision-making and procrastination. It’s also pretty inefficient to spend time every single day deciding if, when, how (what, why, where?!) you’re going to work out. The chances of your emotions or schedule getting in the way only increase. So, go ahead and pick three classes for this week, put them on your calendar, and bam! The success is palpable.

  3. Make plans with someone. We’ll say it till we’re blue in the face: accountability is key. Reach out to an acquaintance from group exercise class. Ask if they’re coming next time or if they attend other classes. Say you’ll see them there. The simple act of telling someone you will come can be enough to get you here when you’re on the fence. Or pick something else that provides accountability. Our North Rutherford center offers running groups. The Downtown center has an informal push-ups group that meets on Fridays at 12:15 p.m. And those are just two of many options to join others in getting healthier together. 

In summary, we want you to reach your fitness goals; we want you to TRIPLE your chances at achieving them. Your fellow members say showing up at least once a week has been vital to their success. And remember, we’re always here for support! Link up with our wellness services or personal training to boost your healthy habits. Let's get stronger together.  

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