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Top 30-Minute Y Workouts of 2017

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

We’ve biked, burpeed, and ballet danced through the year with you, and it couldn’t have been better. Our 30-Minute Y Workouts gave us a new way to interact with our members and help our community get stronger and healthier together. 

Along the way, you let us know about overcoming fears with certain types of workouts.

And you recruited friends to join you. 

Thanks for letting the Y be a part of your health journey! Let's take a quick look back at the top 30-Minute Y Workouts of the year. We chose the five most viewed on our website in 2017. See if any of your favorites made the list!

5. Total Body Fitness in 10 Moves

The number five spot goes all the way back to our second 30-minute Y Workout of the year. Here, one of our well-known instructors, Mary Evelyn, helped us build skills and burn calories with 10 easy-to-learn exercises. The routine is simple to follow and offers a full-body workout—using a combination of machines, equipment, and body weight exercises.

4. TRX & Machines Double Circuit

Coming in at number four is the routine with the most interesting piece of equipment, the TRX Suspension Trainer. We challenged exercisers to shake it up a bit with this workout called TRX & Machines Double Circuit. It only has six exercises, but don’t let that fool you. These moves are bound to make you break a sweat.

3. Increase Your Intensity

We’re not surprised see a tabata workout make this year's most popular list. Many of our members enjoy this fast-paced, challenging type of routine. Increase Your Intensity encouraged exercisers to test their speed with total-body tabata. It’s amazing what you can do with just a pair of dumbbells, a mat, and a timer.

2. 9-Move Kettlebell Routine

Our runner-up goes to the 9-Move Kettlebell Routine, developed by our stellar instructor, Brittanee. Kettlebells have become a preferred piece of equipment for many of our members because of their versatility and simplicity. This workout is a great example of how you can strengthen your whole body using just one kettlebell.

1. Body Weight Blast

Drumroll please! Our most viewed 30-minute workout of the year is none other than this 10-move circuit called Body Weight Blast. Combining strength training and cardio like this is the fastest way to get fit. Our instructor, Elizabeth, demonstrated basic boot-camp-style moves in a routine that you can do almost anywhere.

We're looking forward to creating more fun and effective workouts for you in 2018! Be sure to check out the rest of our Y Workouts here, including the latest 30-minute routine, Kickboxing 101

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