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Corporate Partner Plans


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Take the first step toward a healthier, more positive work environment by partnering with the YMCA’s Corporate Membership program.

Corporate Membership Options

Option 1 Plan

  • 10% Reduction off monthly membership dues
  • 100% Waived joining fee
  • Companies will payroll deduct each employee’s membership dues. Companies may also pay a portion of the employee’s dues
  • The YMCA bills the company monthly in arrears for all employee memberships
  • Employee must sign up for YMCA membership through the company’s HR department
  • Membership Benefits

Option 2 Plan

  • 100% Waived joining fee
  • Companies contribute a portion of employee’s YMCA monthly membership dues. Employees pay the remainder of the monthly dues directly to the YMCA
  • Companies receive a monthly invoice for their portion of the membership dues, while the employee pays remaining portion through individual bank draft
  • Employee must sign up at the YMCA by bringing a current pay stub as proof of employment
  • Membership Benefits

Option 3 Plan

  • 100% Waived Joining fee
  • Employee pays for membership through individual bank draft set up with the YMCA
  • Employee may join at any local YMCA, but must present current pay stub to verify employment
  • Membership Benefits

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Contact our Corporate Partners team or fill out our Inquiry Form to learn more about the benefits of partnering with the YMCA.

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