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8101 Hwy. 100, Nashville, TN 37221
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Remembering Randy DuBois

April 19, 2019

By Janie Chaffin and Bellevue YMCA staff

Staff and volunteers remember Randy DuBois for his big heart and dedication to the Bellevue Y. He passed away in March.

Randy was our longtime property director and friend. We appreciate your prayers for Lori, his wife, and his four kids, Andrew, Mary Claire, Elizabeth and Keith, and their families.

To honor Randy, our staff shared their memories of their time with Randy.

Janie Chaffin - a longtime friend and volunteer at the Bellevue Y - wrote this tribute:

His name was Randy Dubois ... he was our hero!

Randy was the Property Director for the Bellevue Y since 2006. Randy passed away last month, and our hearts are breaking. Randy was a private person but a very loving and caring person. Always there! God made Randy with a purpose and a plan (faith, family, friends). Randy followed that plan his entire life. His strength and friendship will be remembered and treasured.

Randy didn't tell anyone how to live, but he lived by example. He treasured each moment as if it was a blade of grass. He paid close attention to everything that the Bellevue Y needed. The most precious things in life are near at hand - in the end it is the simple things we remember and cherish. His help with any project.

Randy would say that life goes by quickly, so do what you can today, you have no promise that you will see all the seasons of your life ... so, live for good today and say all the things that you want your loved ones to remember ... Life is a gift to you. The way you live your life is your gift to those who came after. Randy made his life one we will always remember.

God has planted eternity in the human heart. Surely God would not have created such a being as a man like Randy to exist only for a day! Randy was made for immortality. Rest in peace our dear friend until we meet again.

Please continue to remember the family in your prayers. I know though their hearts are heavy, it is guided by the tender hand of God.

Other staff members reflect

“Randy’s work ethic and passion for doing whatever it takes to accomplish the task and do it right was unsurpassed. He was proud to have served our Country. He loved serving our members, but most of all he loved his family and providing and protecting them was his priority. He was entrenched in the Bellevue Community and is missed by staff and members who considered him a friend." - Lisa Weber, membership director

"He was so dedicated to his work he was like a fixture in this building. Randy also had a heart that you could easily miss. I remember he once talked to me about a homeless family he had come in contact for whom he wanted to find some help." - Chuck Frazier, pastor and small groups coordinator

"Randy was a very dedicated and hardworking employee for the Bellevue Y. He was always willing to help no matter how big or small. He cared deeply about this facility and did everything in his power to keep it looking clean, running efficiently and always being up to codes. He treated the Y as if it were his own home. He will be greatly missed in more ways than one." - Karen Redmond, human resources

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