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Dads Know Best

Scott recently got serious about his health.

Scott: If you’re trying to drop pounds, you need to start with what you’re putting in your mouth. My dad’s told me that for years, and I finally listened to him. He was right. Dad was right!

He also became a dad to his own little boy.

Scott: We just got back from the beach [pulls up a photo on his phone]. He’s pretty cute. I’m a little biased.

We found Scott catching up on business reading on the treadmill and asked him a few questions—mostly about his adorable 19-month-old. How does he like Y-Play?

Scott: The first six months were hard because he would cry. When that gradually went away it was good, but it was also kind of sad too because you’re like, ‘He doesn’t care.’ [laughs]

Ah, so the tables have turned!

Scott: But he loves the toys; he loves playing with the other kids. So it’s been a good growth opportunity for us to come here and let him play.

Sounds like you’ve found a sweet spot!

Scott: We always know he’s really watched after, and they know where to find us, and the documentation and all that’s really pretty airtight.

How has Y-Play helped you and your wife stay healthy?

Scott: The logistics of having a small child and wanting to still maintain your fitness is a challenge. Before having kids I really did not appreciate the childcare, and now I do. I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s game-changing.’

Good to hear, Scott! We’re happy to have your family in the Y family.

Scott: We love it here. We plan on staying.

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