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Reach and Rise — USYDC

A national YMCA initiative, Reach & Rise provides critical one-on-one mentoring to youth and teens. Our trained mentors meet with students 1-3 hours a week to provide emotional support, academic guidance and personal care so students can grow spiritually, mentally and physically.

Participants set their own goals and work with their mentors for a full year to achieve them. Goals may include working out weekly at their local Y, completing all their homework or eliminating behavioral issues in schools.

  • Our Program Goals
    • Support youth by providing consistent, personalized and on-on-one mentoring from a caring adult.
    • Assist youth with developing and achieving their personal goals.
    • Help students improve their grades, their physical health and their emotional well-being.
    • Connect youth with extracurricular opportunities and service project opportunities in their communities.
    • Identify areas of need and work with youth and their families to meet those needs.
    • Motivate youth to reach their greatest potential and strive for a brighter future.
  • Participant Requirements
    • Must be a youth ages 6-17
    • Must be referred by an adult, such as a parent, teacher or guidance counselor
    • Commit to weekly meetings with a trained mentor
    • Participate for one full year
    • Identify and work toward achieving personal goals
  • Mentor Requirements
    • Must be at least 23 years of age
    • Pass a YMCA background check
    • Complete interactive training
    • Commit to regular meetings with a youth for a year
    • Record meeting notes and report on student's progress to their families

For more information

Contact: Latoya Kennedy, Program Coordinator
Email Latoya or call her at 615-259-3418

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