girls basketball team

Chelsea Kite isn’t just a YMCA Youth Sports parent—she’s also a coach. Chelsea coaches her daughter’s basketball team, a group of third and fourth graders who got to experience their very first overtime in the fall 2020 basketball season.

Chelsea says that watching the team fight for that win was “hands-down” her favorite moment of the season. “We won on a ‘golden bucket shot’ in double overtime,” she says. “The girls worked so hard, and they were so excited. It was a joy to see.”

That overtime experience was “all about the spirit of the game,” she says. “Overall, it was a wonderful atmosphere. Both teams were going at it [and] the referees were fair. The back-and-forth in the entire game kept everyone engaged. It was fun to explain [to the girls] what was going on and watch them dig deeper to try and get that win. I will never forget their faces when we hit the winning shot. It was priceless.”

"I will never forget their faces when we hit the winning shot."

Chelsea’s daughter, Miller, enjoys playing basketball for the team and the social atmosphere. While her teammates traditionally attend school together, the circumstances of learning through the pandemic have changed their usual dynamic. Participating on a basketball team allows the kids to engage outside of school. While Miller already knew players on her team, she also got to create new friendships. “[My daughter] loves meeting new people,” Chelsea shares. “The girls and parents get along wonderfully; it really is a fun team.”

At YMCA Youth Sports, our main focus for recent seasons has been making sure families can enjoy the sport as safely as possible. Thanks to cooperation from parents and coaches, we’ve been able to implement guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID-19. As a parent and coach, Chelsea felt comfortable on the court. “I knew the YMCA would set the appropriate measures in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. I appreciate [the Y] conducting a season. I think it brought light into what is a difficult time for so many families.”

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