Tennessee state flag

By Dori Gorman, YMCA Chaplain

Dear Lord, 

In the midst of this pandemic, may we not forget those whose lives have been impacted by the March 3 tornado. In the midst of a storm, you once brought peace. Would you bring peace again?   

We pray for homes and businesses that are continuing to be rebuilt. We pray for insurance companies who are sorting through claims and making decisions—may they support their clients in remarkable ways. And where there is no insurance, may our communities around Middle Tennessee step up to rebuild and provide support. 

We pray for anyone who has struggled to sleep since March 3. We pray for the reoccurring dreams and memories. We pray for the children who are now afraid to sleep in their own beds. We pray for the families and individuals who are still trying to come up for air. We pray for the double impact of a tornado and now a virus. 

Please say, “Peace be still,” to the racing minds, to the fearful hearts, and to the troubled souls. The tornado may have passed, but its effects remain. Please let us hear your voice. Please say, “Peace be still.”