By Dori Gorman, YMCA Chaplain

prayer blog

Dear Lord,

I am starting to lose track of what day it is. So many things have changed in such a short amount of time. Is it too soon to cry out to you, “How long, oh Lord?” How long will this last? If only I knew, but I do not. There are so many unknowns that invite so many fears to enter my mind.

I confess my unique worries and concerns, and there are many. But I am not alone. I join with the world. I confess our collective anxiety.

Lord, help me to trust you. You know much more than I do. Help me to lean on your provision and to partner with your protection. May I consent to what is happening – to stay at home and distance myself from others for the sake of others. May I have the courage to do what is being asked of me to fight this new disease.

When fear comes and the noise of the news is overwhelming, help me to find small reminders of your presence. May I step outside to find a bird or a flower – thank you for springtime! Remind me how you care for the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. Thank you that I am far more valuable to you than these (Matthew 6:25-34). You have not forsaken me. So draw near to me as I cry out to you. And may your nearness, calm my anxious heart.