Sun rays through clouds

By Dori Gorman, YMCA Chaplain

Dear Lord, 

You can make a way where there seems to be no way. So today we ask you to make a way for a cure for COVID-19. Whatever shape that needs to come in—medicine, a vaccine, a new discovery—we’ll take it! You alone know and you alone can make the way clear. 

We thank you for every person: every lab technician, every chemist, every CDC professional and every other scientist who is working around the clock and around the world in response to COVID-19. Please give them energy, insight and enlightenment.   

Please bring unity among nations; may people come together, breaking down any former barriers, so that a cure can be found.  Please bring humility with a willingness to share, so that any temptation for credit or applause is diminished. 

We pray for pharmaceutical companies to hear the cries of the people and lend a helping hand. We pray people would matter more than profit. 

We pray for individuals with the means to finance the new research, experimentation and technology that are needed. We pray you would prompt generosity.   

Lord, you are the waymaker. You have healed many through scientific means, through medication and through immunization. We are asking you to do now, what you have done before. Please do it again.