Know Before You Go


  • Parking is available on either side of the main entrance.
  • Parking is not currently available on the side lot on the northwest side of the property.

Entrance and Check-in

  • To enter the Y, walk up the wheelchair ramp and follow the sidewalk to our temporary entrance (formerly the entrance to our Y-Play room). This is currently the only entrance into the facility.
  • Spray bottles are available straight ahead from the check-in area; follow available signage to access other parts of the Y.


  • As you exit right from the main lobby, our Y-Play room remains on the left-hand side. Our Youth Activity Center is now located on the right.

Locker Rooms/Changing Stalls

  • All locker rooms, including showers, steam rooms and saunas, are currently closed for renovation.
  • A temporary unisex changing area is available in the Y’s old lobby/entrance.
  • The changing area includes two rows of lockers available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and six free-standing changing stalls. A limited number of hairdryers are also available for use.
  • Members plan to swim or attend a water-based class can access four changing stalls on the indoor pool deck. 
  • The men’s and women’s restrooms are also available for changing-related needs.

Wellness Areas

  • All wellness equipment and cardio machines have been relocated to the basketball gymnasium or Group Fitness Studio B
  • Studio B is on the Y’s main level, and contains squat stations, weighted stationary racks, and free weights.
  • Cardio equipment can be found along the east side of the basketball gym.
  • Stationary equipment can be found in the center and/or north side of the basketball gym.
  • The south side of the gym is reserved for group fitness classes and free weights. Members may still access the free weight space when a class is going on (even when a curtain is raised when classes are in session)

Group Fitness

  • Group fitness classes are currently being held in Studio C or in the south half of the basketball gymnasium area.
  • Main level group fitness studios (formerly Studio A and Cycle) are closed.
  • Studio B is temporarily being used as a wellness space (i.e. no classes).
  • The Yoga/Pilates Studio is closed for renovation.
  • As noted above, members may still access the free weight space in the south side of the gym when a class is going on (a curtain may be raised when classes are in session).

Indoor Pool

  • The showers, sauna, steam room and locker rooms near the pool deck are closed. Changing stalls are available in the old lobby/entrance area.
  • Check our Pools information page for current pool hours and our class schedule for information on available water-based classes. 

Upper Level Spaces

  • Group Fitness Studio C remains open.
  • The Yoga/Pilates studio and Teen Center spaces are closed for renovation.

Outdoor Spaces

  • All outdoor spaces, including the outdoor pool, tennis courts, skate park, and soccer fields, are closed.