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YMCA Member Referral Program

Information for Prospective Members

Here's how to save up to 20% off a Y membership through the Better Together Member Referral Program.

Get a Member Referral

Before you can begin the application process, you'll first need a Membership ID number from a current YMCA of Middle Tennessee member. This serves as your referral code.

Submit an Application

Submit your online application to the Better Together Member Referral Program. Be sure to include your friend's Membership ID and an accurate email address for both of you.

Apply Now

Join the Y Online

Once your application is submitted and your information is verified, you'll receive an email with a link to a special online membership registration page.

Save as Long as You Both Belong

Continue to enjoy your reduced-price membership as long as both you and your Better Together Buddy maintain a qualifying YMCA membership.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Referral Program Membership Rates*

Category Description Joining Fee** Monthly Fee  
One One adult ages 31-64 $75.00 $60.00 $63.00 $50.40 Sign Up
One Plus One adult plus dependents $100.00 $80.00 $96.00 $76.80 Sign Up
Two Two adults under 65 years $100.00 $80.00 $93.00 $74.40 Sign Up
Two Plus Two adults plus dependents $100.00 $80.00 $107.00 $85.60 Sign Up
Three Plus Three adults plus dependents $125.00 $100.00 $144.00 $115.20 Sign Up
Four Plus Four adults plus dependents $125.00 $100.00 $175.00 $140.00 Sign Up
One adult age 65 or older $75.00 $60.00 $59.00 $47.20 Sign Up
Two adults, at least one is 65+ $100.00 $80.00 $78.00 $62.40 Sign Up
One adult ages 19-30 $50.00 $40.00 $50.00 $40.00 Sign Up
Teen Ages 12-18 $50.00 $40.00 $40.00 $32.00 Sign Up

* Rates posted are for standard Association-wide membership and are contingent on meeting requirements of Better Together Referral Program.

** One-time joining fee.

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