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Classic Step

See why step is a super fun way to get in shape!


    Light weights under 5 pounds, step with a riser


    Perform each exercise for 1 minute. After each set, rest for 1 minute. You will go through this workout 2 to 3 times, depending on your fitness level.

  • Warmup


    Perform exercise for 3 minutes.

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Basic Step Step up and down at a moderate pace to get your heartrate up.
  • Set One

    Set One

    This set includes light weights. Alternate legs each round.

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Step with Overhead Press Hold weights at shoulder height. Perform a basic step, pushing the weights overhead as you step up.
    2 Mambo with Bicep Curl Turn to the side, and basic step with one leg and your weights. Perform a bicep curl every time you step on the back leg.
    3 Hip Abductor with Upright Row Turn to the side and basic step with one leg and your weights. The opposite leg extends out to the side when you step up. Also, bend your elbows to bring weights shoulder height for an upright row.
    4 Knee Lift & Front Raise Basic step with one leg again, this time bringing the opposite knee up into a lift. As you step up, raise the weights up to shoulder height, keeping arms straight.
  • Set Two

    Set Two

    This set doesn’t include weights, and focuses on cardio.

    No. Exercise Instructions  
    1 Shuffle Turn to the right. Your left foot will be on the step, while your right foot stays behind. Shuffle across the step in a left-right-left sequence. Turn to left and repeat with a left-right-left sequence.
    2 Lunges Step up with one foot and lunge back with the other. Alternate legs.
    3 Box Jumps Jump both feet onto the step and land into a full squat. Step off and repeat. Keep feet hip-width apart and weight in heels. Modify by staying low and stepping on the bench, then come into a squat.
    4 Step Taps Alternate tapping each foot on the step while lifting your arms up and down. Pick up the pace to increase intensity.
  • Cool Down

    March it out with a basic step
    Duration: 2 minutes

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