Quitting's Not an Option

John’s fitness mindset serves him well.

“I just try to be a better me every day and try to challenge myself, and then I try to challenge others and motivate others,” he says.

Group exercise is one of the main ways he carries it out.

“The people in these classes will keep you motivated, and it seems like family. You always have someone holding you accountable for coming and showing up, and always patting you on the back and keeping you motivated to keep going.”

When others tend to lose motivation in the winter, John says you have to take quitting off of the table if you want to be successful.

“Never make it an option. I mean, nothing comes easy. You’re going to have to work for everything that you want. So, just have that goal, have that mindset.”

He also suggests group fitness.

“Make it fun. Do a class.”

Any given day at the Y, you might find John in a dance class, Circuit Blast, Grit Series, CXWORX, or on the wellness floor doing his own weights routine. If a class doesn’t fit the schedule, he says it’s important to make time for whatever you can.

“I feel like there’s always time, whether it’s 30 minutes, 15 minutes—a 15-minute walk, that’s some time right there.”

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