Keeping Fit as the Family Grows

Kami credits Y-Play with allowing her and her husband to keep exercise (and sanity!) in their lives.

“The ladies are amazing in here. Our babies love coming, and it gives us two hours of free time that we can focus on staying healthy.”

They recently welcomed a new addition to the family.

“We come here, and it’s like our little vacation.”

She also says that coming to the Y throughout her pregnancy helped her bounce back afterwards and stay active with her kids.

“Definitely I would recommend that pregnant women exercise. Oh my gosh. Exercise, exercise, exercise,” she says. “It doesn’t necessarily matter how you look right away, but how you feel. You feel so much better. And it helps with postpartum depression and everything.”

Her passion for health and wellness comes both from personal experience and her profession.

“I’m a nurse, so I see the effects of poor health. To me, it’s like, that’s one thing I can control: what I put in my mouth and how I keep my body,” she says. “Fitness is super important to me, and it’s important that I teach my kiddos.”

Kami knows many people don’t come to the gym because they’re self-conscious, and she has a genuine desire to help others overcome obstacles in their way to healthier lifestyles.

“They may come in and see people who are fit, and they don’t think that’s attainable. But they can just remember that those same people may have started out where they are, and that it’s not necessarily about where they are right now. It’s about where they’re going to be. Keep that in mind, and remember to take it one day at a time.”

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