Walking Through It Together

We ran into Vaughn joking with his friends, Charles and Debbie, on the wellness floor. He’s had a life-changing health struggle recently, but you’d hardly know it by his big laugh and warm presence. He’s quick to open up.

Vaughn: I was coming here that day. That was my routine. I woke up, had my breakfast, watched ESPN, came to the Y. But I had a stroke that morning. I was in the hospital 7 weeks.

That’s a long time to be bedridden. What changed for you after the stroke?

Vaughn: I hadn’t really cried in 30 years. I had my stroke, I came out of the hospital, I would cry just like that. I couldn’t control it. I’m about to cry now.

Don’t make us cry, too! What gave you the strength to get back on your feet and return to the Y?

Vaughn: There’s a lady named Jo. She’s my friend, she comes here. And this is her religion, this is her church. It’s been close to a year since she made me come. She kept at me. ‘Come join.’ That’s when I met you.

Vaughn (center) with Charles and Debbie.

Charles: Yeah, you did.

Vaughn: Charles is a good man, yeah. And this is my girl. People here are awesome. I love it here.

Debbie: I do, too!

Charles: We all come here and work out. But we do a lot of talking. [all laugh]

You’ve got some wonderful people in your corner, Vaughn! What’s your new workout regimen?

Vaughn: I show up and try to do as much as I can, three days a week or more. I do some weights. I walk.

That’s great.

Vaughn: I can’t walk that fast. But they walk with me. I appreciate it, too. I really do.

What a supportive bunch. Friends make all the difference, don’t they?

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