The Next 50 renovation plan addresses the growing needs of our community and the limitations of our current facility. A thoughtfully designed, fully accessible and modern space will provide an environment that supports spiritual, mental and physical health for all. 

 RENOVATION highlights

Nurturing Health

The Green Hills Y’s wellness will receive a fresh, updated look, new group exercise spaces, and new functional space providing an all-in-one experience for more members of our community.

A Place for Teens

A completely reimagined Frist Teen and Family Center will feature movable walls, a commercial kitchen, and other improvements that allow the Y to provide high-quality programming including educational enrichment, an art lab, maker spaces/STEM classes, small groups, and so much more! 

Where Kids Can Be Kids

A new obstacle course area and other newly renovated spaces will create an unplugged environment where kids can come to the Y to have less screen time and more fun while being active and creative. 

New Outdoor Experiences

A new, state-of-the-art outdoor fitness terrace—the first of its kind for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee—will provide a relaxed and refreshing natural setting for individual training as well as group classes.   

Accessible for All

Our new Universal Locker Rooms—featuring all-in-one private stalls, private changing rooms, open-air lockers and sinks—will offer members of all ages and diverse abilities the utmost in convenience, comfort and safety. Best of all, the new areas will feature direct access to all of the Y’s aquatic areas and pool deck.  

Increased Flow and Function

A core focus of the renovation is to maximize and reimagine existing square footage to expand programming and increase flow and function of the facility. A main arterial hallway connecting the front and back of the building alongside the gym will offer better access, flow and sight-lines to wellness spaces, workout studios, and the natatorium. Additionally, a new stairwell will be added that connects the first-floor and second-floor fitness areas and provides better access to the indoor track. 

Fostering Community

With a commitment to the community feel that is a cornerstone of the YMCA, intentionally designed community-building spaces will serve as ‘landing zones’ throughout the facility. A large community lounge will be developed near the central corridor, as well as additional gathering spaces along the gym, near the new group exercise studios, and in the community space in the Frist Family Center. These new spaces will invite members to sit down with a  cup of coffee and a friend for some meaningful conversations and connection at the Y. 

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