Building Positive Identity

Y-Quest offers a fun, welcoming space after school Monday through Thursday. Students learn the skills, knowledge, and mindsets they need to handle strong emotions, better understand and connect with their peers, and avoid and resolve conflicts.

Y-Quest aims to guide student's progress in emotion management, academic achievement, and building positive identity. Programming includes a strong focus on character development, relationship building, academic enrichment, and exploring paths for the future.

Program Components

Themes and Activities

  • Social and Emotional learning
  • Academic enrichment
  • Character development
  • Relationship Building

Schools Served

Davidson County

  • DuPont Tyler Middle
  • East Nashville Middle Magnet
  • Creswell Middle Prep School of the Arts

Robertson County

  • Coopertown Middle School

Williamson County

  • Freedom Middle School


Quality time with a mentor and supportive peers can improve a child’s academic performance, self-esteem, decision-making skills and relationships with peers and family.

Y-CAP’s Group Mentoring screens, trains and matches two volunteer adult mentors with a group of 6-8 youth. Mentors lead sessions, utilizing group activities and discussions to build healthy, supportive, safe and fun relationships within the group.


Our after-school programs meet Monday through Thursday. Transportation home is provided at select program locations.

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Davidson County

Robertson County

Williamson County