August 2019 After Breast Cancer participants
2019 After Breast Cancer graduates
Darlene, top left, graduated from the ABC program in August 2019.

Darlene is a breast cancer survivor. Her surgeon suggested she try the After Breast Cancer (ABC) program after treatment. She almost left the first day. “I didn’t think I could walk up and down the stairs every class. Chemo and surgery had taken my strength completely.”

The ABC group worked closely with Pink Ribbon-Certified Personal Trainer Jamie Emery and Registered Dietician Brittany Cardwell.

Darlene missed her active lifestyle. Golf and competitive horse showing had been a big part of her life before she was diagnosed. “Jamie asked us the first day what our goals were and mine were simply to get my life back. I’ve always been an active person,” Darlene said.

It wasn’t an easy process, especially at the beginning. “Our workout included floor exercises and I didn’t have the strength to get up from the floor without assistance.” Medical issues and life got in the way of a few of her workout sessions, but she persevered through the rough days!

Since graduating from the ABC program in August, Darlene says she has come so far in the past few months. “I’m so proud to say I can get up off that floor and travel up and down those steps and I have my life back and so much more! Never give up, ladies!” And the best part? Darlene is back on the course golfing again!

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