Connie and Kitty at the Y
Connie and Kitty at the Y
Connie credits her friends at the Y for helping her make changes and improve her health.

Connie credits the YMCA for helping her make life-saving changes. She ran through a list of ailments: High blood pressure, high cholesterol and joint pain. "I felt awful and tired most of the time,” Connie said.

She’d had enough. In February 2019 Connie decided to take control over her health by coming to the Robertson County Y consistently and eating healthier.

Connie’s time at our Y wasn’t just about working out. “What I love about the Robertson County Y is the people. It’s a blessing to know you have people who love you.”

One of those people was Personal Trainer David Dias. David recently relocated to be closer to family, but not before making an impact on Connie’s life. “David was truly instrumental in helping me turn my life around. I no longer feel intimidated in the gym thanks to his education.”

Connie before weight loss
Connie's lost nearly 40 pounds since this photo was taken.

Connie’s lost nearly 40 pounds, but focuses on off-the-scale victories as well. “I feel better than I have felt in years.” She continues, "To say the Robertson County Y saved my life is an understatement. It’s made such a difference, and I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve made and positive changes in my life. It’s a hard journey but to have a place like the Y to walk along with me is a true blessing."