Franklin Y member Larry Wisniewski
Franklin Y member Larry Wisniewski
Larry Wisniewski lost more than 40 pounds with help from the Franklin YMCA.

For Larry Wisniewski, losing 41 pounds in four months was about more than getting in shape. It was about sobriety. Larry says his weight loss journey saved his life.

In April, Larry and his fiancée Carla decided that they wanted to give up their vices and invest in their health.

“I can remember looking at myself in the mirror and genuinely disliking what I saw," Larry says. "I wanted to make a change, and thankfully, my amazing fiancée Carla agreed to support me by committing to get healthier as well.”

After just four months, Larry no longer requires medication to manage his blood pressure. He says he feels more balanced and in control.

“I believe that you get rest for your soul when you are healthy. For me, getting in control of my bad habits and kicking my vices has restored balance in my soul, and I am a better person for it.”

Larry credits the Franklin Family YMCA with holding him accountable and keeping him focused.

“I’ve been coming to work out at the Franklin Y for more than 10 years," says Larry, "and the outpouring of love and support that I receive from the Franklin Y community keeps me centered, focused and encouraged as I continue to strive toward my wellness goals.

"My friends at the Y hold me accountable, and they keep my uplifted. I have been truly blessed to have their support in my life.”

Larry is pleased with his progress and says he is just a few pounds short of his goal!

“I ultimately find myself enjoying the journey no matter where I am with my progress,” he says.

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