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When we say that we are open, we aren’t just talking about our doors.  

We are open to all people. But we are not open to intolerance.

We are open to the values of CARING, HONESTY, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY. They guide everything we do. And with these values in mind…

We must demonstrate Caring by acknowledging when our neighbors are hurting, and by joining together to grieve the deaths of people of color, like George Floyd. 

We must be Honest about our history as a Y and as a country, and the role that systemic racism has played, whether intentional or not, in keeping us apart.

We must show each other Respect by listening, seeking to understand, showing empathy, and working to create avenues for inclusion and equity for anyone who is being marginalized.

We must take Responsibility by advocating for change and confronting inequality, injustice, and inaction.

Just as we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we commit to doing everything we can to be an organization that spreads the love of God and shuns prejudice, hatred, and violence.  

While our doors are open to all, there is no room inside for racism. We hope you will join us as we continue to strive to be a place where neighbors connect with loving communities, even in these disconnected times.   

We are better together.

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