Improve Overall Health

Our Active Older Adult classes are specifically designed to help older adults improve their overall health and well-being through lower-impact movements. In addition, we offer several other senior-friendly classes that are available to members of all ages.


Classes for Active Older Adults:

This class prepares participants at all fitness levels for everyday life. The use of a chair is used for support while doing a variety of exercises designed to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement.

This heart-healthy class is perfect for anyone looking for a safe way to build their fitness level! Low impact exercises including agility, cardio endurance and strength keep the heart rate elevated throughout the class. Minimal equipment used.

Using easy-to-follow dance moves set to music from past to present, this fun, energetic class will have you burning the calories away without even realizing you are working!  This is a low-impact workout.

This senior-friendly class provides a full body strength workout using various equipment such as hand weights, barbells, tubes, bands, exercise balls and even your own body weight. Chairs maybe be used for support.

Designed for Active Older Adults, this circuit-style workout builds strength and stamina. Challenge both your heart and all major muscle groups using a variety of equipment to move through a series of strength and cardio exercises.