Dive into Health

The YMCA of Middle Tennessee offers a wide range of pool-based group exercise classes for all ages and ability levels. You'll experience a low-impact, full-body workout using water’s natural resistance.

Aqua Fitness Classes:

Get all the benefits of cardiovascular conditioning in the pool with less stress on the body. Classes may be taught in shallow water for less intensity or deep water for more intensity.


This circuit-style class includes cardio conditioning and muscle strengthening exercises. Using various pieces of equipment and water’s natural resistance, this class challenges you while being gentle on the joints. Suitable for any fitness level.

This boot camp class is held in the water and will challenge all your major muscle groups while being gentle on your joints. Suitable for any fitness level.

Improve your flexibility, range of motion, balance and strength through gentle movements with this low impact aquatic class.  Active Older Adults, those with arthritis, and those recovering from injuries or seeking a slower pace will benefit from this supportive class.

Spin your wheels in the pool in this unique indoor cycling class.  Perfect for all fitness levels, Hydrorider combines the best of cycling with the many benefits of exercising in the water.  Reservations can only be made within 24 hours of the class time.

A water-based workout that integrates Zumba and music into traditional aqua fitness. 

This is a program designed for triathletes and swimmers of all levels who already have the ability to swim a freestyle front crawl stroke across a 25-yard pool.

Come and enjoy some of the cardiovascular conditioning of volleyball with less stress on the joints, a little competition, and a whole lot of FUN.