Volunteer Leadership

Board of Directors

  • Tony Wall, Chair
  • Jonathan Cole, Chair Elect
  • Lawson Allen, Immediate Past Chair
  • David Wilds, Treasurer
  • Bill Zotti, Assistant Treasurer
Board Members
  • Jacky Akbari
  • Catherine Birdwell
  • Jack Elisar
  • Phyllis Hildreth
  • Chip Howorth
  • Ron Knox
  • Howard Lamar
  • Brian Taylor
  • Caroleen Wilkes
  • Liz Wilson
  • Stephen Young

Staff Leadership

Association Staff Leadership

Senior Strategy Team
  • John Mikos, President and CEO
  • Jessica Fain, Chief Strategy Officer
  • David Shipman, Chief Operating Officer
  • Julie Sistrunk, Chief Development Officer
  • LaTisha Steele, Chief Growth Officer
  • Marcy Towns, Chief Financial Officer
  • David Abbott, Senior Vice President of Technology
  • Tia Sydnor, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Jill Tramel, Senior Vice President of Youth Development
  • Rebecca Walker, Senior Vice President of People Services 
Association Leadership
  • Mylica Cathey, Vice President of HR, YD
  • Rhonda Chadwick, Vice President of HRIS
  • Ted Cornelius, Executive Director—Tennessee State Alliance of YMCAs
  • David Kirsch, Vice President of Member Experience
  • Dori Gorman, Chaplain
  • Leita Harden, Vice President of HR, WFD
  • Keith Russell, Vice President of Marketing
  • Walker Schul, Controller
Program Center Leadership
  • Susan Moriarty, Executive Director—Center for Civic Engagement
  • Beverly Revo, Executive Director—Y-CAP
Membership Center Leadership
  • Scott Clinton, District Executive Director—Downtown YMCA
  • Roger D. Grove, Executive Director—Franklin Family YMCA
  • Amanda Gill, Executive Director—Clarksville Area YMCA
  • Derek Blake, Executive Director—North Rutherford Family YMCA
  • B.J. Keener, Executive Director—Donelson-Hermitage Family YMCA
  • Jeremy Tackett, Executive Director—Robertson County Family YMCA
  • Roy Brown, Executive Director—Northwest YMCA
  • Kathy Raglin, District Executive Director—Sumner County Family YMCA
  • Jodi Schroer, District Executive Director—Brentwood Family YMCA
  • Drew Scales III, Executive Director—Bellevue Family YMCA
  • Laurel Wilson, District Executive Director—Green Hills Family YMCA
  • Judi Winfield-Ferri, District Executive Director—Margaret Maddox Family YMCA