By Casey Seamon, YMCA Registered Dietitian

With fancy new products hitting the market every day, it can seem overwhelming to figure out which ones are worth their weight in gold.

Will a charcoal face mask heal my soul? Will a copper tongue scraper help me live longer? The ads can be convincing, and it can be tempting to fork over the cash to give some of these new products a try.

While there are definitely some popular items you can skip over, investing in yourself is an investment in your health. Below I’ve recommended several products that actually are worth spending a bit of money on and can help you live your best life!

5 Products to Splurge On

  1. Blender: A quality blender can work miracles in your kitchen. The key to choosing any kitchen tool or appliance is to pick something that can serve many purposes. Single-purpose items (an avocado slicer or cherry pitter) often end up shoved in the back of your junk drawer having only been used a handful of times. A blender, however, is something you can use time and again. The most obvious use is, of course, to make smoothies. These on-the-go snacks or meal replacements can be full of fruits and veggies and help you meet your nutrition needs. But blenders can also be used to make sauces (like this delicious cauliflower Alfredo sauce), homemade nut butters, soups, pesto, salad dressings...the possibilities are endless. This kitchen gadget is worth spending a few bucks on.
  2. Fitness Tracker: Good fitness trackers can keep you informed on your overall health. They track everything from daily step totals, to heart rate, and even sleep quality. Monitoring these things helps you know where you are in your health journey, and knowledge is power. Fitness trackers allow you to set measurable goals, which we know is a key factor in achieving success. For example, if your goal is to be more active, you can work toward 10,000 steps a day. Use your tracker to record your progress and stay motivated to meet your goals. Nowadays these handy wearable devices are pretty affordable, and are worth the investment.
  3. Water Bottle: As a general rule of thumb, you should drink half your weight in ounces of water daily (for a 160-pound person that would be 80 ounces/day). For a lot of people, drinking enough water is a challenge and can even seem impossible. The easiest way to meet your hydration needs is to always have water with you, and what better way to do that than with a nice water bottle? You don’t have to drop tons of dough on this one to make a difference, but do give it a bit of thought. Find a bottle that travels well with you, is easy to use, and keep it within arm’s reach at all times. Drinking enough water can help you feel and look younger, healthier and full of energy!
  4. Cookbook: Cooking more meals at home can open up a world of health benefits. Not only does it save you money, but it prevents you from getting too much salt in your diet, and it gives you control of your portion sizes. Spending a little money on some high-quality cookbooks can help you plan out perfect meals and execute them with ease. While you absolutely can look up recipes online, there’s something to be said for flipping through the pages to spark inspiration or dog-earing a family-favorite recipe. Cookbooks can be passed down for generations and are an excellent addition to any kitchen.
  5. Pillow: The power of a good night’s sleep is unquestionable. Numerous studies show that getting less than six hours of quality sleep per night can lead to a list of detrimental effects on the body. The right pillow can help you line up your cervical spine and reduce pain during sleep, leaving you well-rested and ready to conquer the day. Just like you spend a little more on buying the right mattress, don’t skimp when it comes to the pillows.

An unfathomable amount of new products come out all the time with huge health claims. Sifting through the bold ads and well-thought-out marketing schemes can leave us confused about where we should actually spend our hard-earned dollars. Next time you’re wondering if it’s worth the money, remember this simple list of products that can actually benefit your overall wellness journey. 

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