Greetings Music City dwellers! We've had such fun watching you embrace the Nashville Mural Run

Members posted creative photos along the route and organized events to run it in groups. One member even agreed to take a GoPro to get an up-close view of our community getting healthier and stronger together.

Now, we’re back with another mural run! This time, we’re headed to the ever-quirky and wonderful East Nashville. There's a plethora of public art in this part of town, with new murals popping up all the time. We scouted out the current options and chose a 5K's worth of murals—from big to small, detailed to simple.

You’ll find dragons, tigers, and bears (oh my!). Plus, a tiny elephant. Some stops offer more than one mural, and you’ll likely find others along the way.

Check out our guide with photos below. You can also view the route on So grab those cameras again, recruit a friend, and let’s take on the East #NashvilleMuralRun.

East Nashville Mural Run step-by-step guide:

1. Corner of S 6th and Main St.

What better way to start off than by taking a photo with the neighborhood's namesake? Park along the street or in a lot near here and leave your cars behind!

2. 626 Main St.

Jog .2 miles down Main St. to the colorful horse on the side of Center615.

3. 917 Woodland St.

Go behind the Basement East, less than a half mile away. You'll find several murals if you explore this spot. We're highlighting two found on the same building:


Freak Soul

4. 103 S 11th St.

Make your way to the left side of Eastside Cycles—a .3-mile run. These big bears are hard to miss and easy to love.

5. Woodland St. and N 11th St. (across the street)

Now look across the street, on the other side of the gas station. See a little acorn smiling back at you? Pop over there for a quick pic.

6. 1628 Fatherland St.

Time for one of the longest stretches (.8 mi) to the Olive & Sinclair chocolate mural. Across the street, you'll also find the Corners of Lockeland mural.

7. Fence near Fatherland and 17th St. (in alley)

Look up 17th St. for the fence with A Fly Over Tennessee mural. You might recognize the artist, Andee Rudloff, from the Hillsboro Village mural at Kay Bob's Grill and Ale.

8. S 14th St. between Boscobel and Lillian Streets

Go a half mile and stay on the lookout for a little elephant painted alongside the sidewalk between Boscobel and Lillian Streets.

9. 823 Woodland St.

Set off on your last, long stretch (.8 mi) to The Crying Wolf. Here, you'll find a large black-and-white piece with all kinds of photo options.

10. 625 Main St.

Your final stop brings you full circle in location and style, with a Nashville color block to cap off your jaunt through this artistic side of town.

You made it! Any other cool East Nashville murals we missed? Share a photo and location using #NashvilleMuralRun for those runners who want to go the extra mile!