Brett Ramsey had always been an active guy, playing sports throughout childhood all the way into college. But when the pressures of grad school and teaching set in, Brett began to put on the weight, finding he no longer had time to take care of himself. So Brett resolved to get back in shape.

After losing some weight on his own through diet and exercise, Brett knew he’d need extra support to make further progress. So Brett joined the YMCA and, with the help of personal trainer Mike Osesek (pictured, left) and other wellness staff, developed a basic training plan to get started.

“From the beginning, I had some goals for myself,” Brett says. “I wanted to do one pull-up. Then I’d change the goal to three pull-ups. Five. Ten.” Brett’s short-term, attainable goals helped him move forward and keep from becoming discouraged.

Thanks to Brett’s years of hard work and the supportive staff of the Y, he’s lost around 100 pounds in the past seven years—more than his own physician thought was possible. Now he’s focused on strengthening and reshaping, setting new fitness goals to keep each workout interesting.

“Every time I get bored with something, I go over to the wellness staff and say, ‘I’m looking for a new exercise.’”

His simplest and best advice to others struggling to keep at it? Take advantage of the Y’s expertise. “Just ask questions. You don’t have to be intimidated. They’re all there and they want to help you.”

Getting on track

Seeking guidance and support from the wellness staff during those first few critical Y visits made all the difference for Brett. Getting acquainted with our helpful staff is as easy as signing up for a free wellness consultation via phone or at your Y’s welcome desk. You’ll receive an equipment orientation, digital fitness assessment and starter workout plan to get you moving. Let us help you achieve your wellness goals!

About the series

At the Y, we recognize the road to better health is a lifelong journey—one that varies for each individual. But though our specific challenges may look different, we can still draw inspiration and insight from those who’ve achieved and stuck with their health and fitness goals.

In “How I Did It,” we’ll share what worked for some of our biggest member success stories. We hope they’re a motivating reminder that at the Y, we’re all on the journey to getting healthier together.