Lindsey Sexton and her son

Lindsey Sexton has been running since she was 10 years old.

During a school fitness test in fifth grade, Lindsey ran a fast mile, which caught the attention of her teacher. She told the cross-country coach, who encouraged Lindsey to begin training.

Lindsey ran all through school. In college, she ran cross-country at Maryville College and loved it. “Running can be done anywhere at any age,” she says. “It’s a great way to see both new and old places from a different perspective.”

She continued to run into her adult years. After having her first child, she was still in excellent shape. Lindsey actually ran her fastest half marathon just six months after her son was born with a time of 1:40.

But, after her second child was born, Lindsey found herself in a slump. “I really lost my motivation. And, just when I started to find that motivation again, I suffered an ankle injury that put me out of commission for several months. I was out of shape and discouraged.” She began to lose her passion for running.

“It’s hard to find the motivation to run and sign up for races,” she says. “I hadn’t been training much, but I wanted to encourage a love of running in my son, so we decided to sign up for the Firecracker.”

Lindsey’s six-year-old took on the Luken Kids Fun Run at the Maryland Farms YMCA, and Lindsey ran the 5K. “I was looking for a fun race that we could experience together, and the Firecracker race was perfect. We were both a little nervous before it began because it was already so hot!”

Lindsey Sexton running

When she finished the race, Lindsey was hot and tired—but she also felt energized. She and her son, Quentin, enjoyed a snow cone, watermelon, and face-painting together.

Being out of practice, Lindsey didn’t expect to win an award, but she ended up placing in her age group.

“I know I still have the heart and talent for running, and this race was a big step in helping me to get back out there,” she says. “I’ve been feeling better, and I’ve already signed up for races in 2020, including a half marathon. And, I’m looking forward to doing the Firecracker 5K or 10K this year.”

Lindsey isn’t giving up on her passion. “After 25 years of distance running, I’m starting to understand that it ebbs and flows like so many other things in life.”

This year's race is going VIRTUAL! Join Lindsey and our Middle Tennessee community for the Andrews Cadillac Firecracker 5K/10K, hosted by the Maryland Farms YMCA. Runners complete their distance anytime July 3-5 and post photos sharing what motivates them using #YMCAFirecracker. Proceeds support the Y's mission to strengthen our community.

Virtual Firecracker 5K/10K

Saturday July 3-5, 2020