At the Y, we believe anyone can establish healthy habits. But it takes patience, practice and the proper support to make it happen. That’s why we’re here! Whether you’re looking to get back in shape after a little hiatus—or starting from scratch on a wellness plan—look to the Y for the guidance you need to turn those New Year's resolutions into an everyday reality.

To keep you moving every week, we’re rolling out five tried and true healthy habit-forming tips recommended by our wellness experts.

4. Find a workout buddy.

Chances are you’re hardly the only one pursuing a healthier lifestyle this year. Whether it’s your spouse, a co-worker or a good friend, identify someone who’ll keep you accountable—and keep you from backing out on your workout at the last minute. We’re more likely to follow through and continue challenging ourselves when a friend is there to encourage and motivate us, especially on the days we feel tired.

For competitive types, exercising with someone a little faster or fitter is proven to increase intensity and workout time. Plus, two-person exercises (such as medicine ball passes) bring variety and fun to a workout. And you’ll always have a spotter to check your form.

thousands of group fitness classes each week, personal training services and friendly staff ready to support you every step of the way, joining the Y is like getting your own personal cheering squad.