Hey Nashville, we get it. Some days you just need to ditch the gym and get moving outside. So, you might as well add some picturesque stops along the way.

Murals are one of the creative trends in our fair city right now. Why not combine fitness and photo ops? It’s fun to run with a purpose. Grab some friends, lace up your sneakers, and take on our mural run.

We've created a step-by-step guide with photos below. You can also view the route on MapMyRun.com. Don't forget a camera!

Here’s your step-by-step guide:

1. Meet in the 12 South neighborhood at the iconic “I Believe in Nashville” mural, 2702 12th Ave S. Yep, you’re starting off strong here, so line up with the tourists and make the “before” photo happen.

Mural Run

2. Take off down 12th Avenue, through the Edgehill neighborhood, to the Gulch. Your destination is “What Lifts You" wings at 302 11th Ave. S. Don’t fear, there are sidewalks the whole distance. You’ll clock a little over 2 miles on this longest stretch.

Mural Run Nashville

3. Next, keep jogging one block down 11th and look for two of Music City's newest, largest murals side-by-side on your left at 11th Ave and Laurel Street. You can’t miss these. You’ll be among the first wave of folks to snap photos here, so get creative!

Gulch Mural Nashville
Gulch Mural Run

4. Alright, now you’re heading up Demonbreun, past the Musica sculpture and Vanderbilt, to the Hillsboro Village mural on the side of Kay Bob’s Grill and Ale at 1602 21st Ave. S. You’ll achieve another 2 miles on this leg of your journey and end up in one of Nashville’s favorite neighborhoods for drinks, eats and shopping.

Pizza Mural Wall

5. Good news, you only have to take a quarter-mile jaunt to the next Hillsboro Village hotspot, the dragon mural at 1801 21st Ave S (Belcourt & 21st). Inspired by the beloved reptile sculpture in nearby Fannie Mae Dees Park, this colorful work of art has been around since 1995.

Dragon Mural Nashville

6. Alright, you’ve got the final long stretch ahead of you with 1.6 miles past Belmont, back to the 12 South neighborhood. This time, you’re heading for the flower mural on the side of Green Pea Salon at 2900 12th Ave S.

Flower Mural Nashville

7. Finally, take a quick jog one block north to the Nashville script on the side of Corner Music at 2705 12th Ave S. Say cheese for your “after” photo, sweaty and all. You should be proud of your team!

Nashville Mural

You made it full circle! Congrats! Be sure to share your photos using #nashvillemuralrun so we can celebrate with you. Next up: take on the East Nashville Mural Run.