One way we support our YMCA members along their journey of healthy living is with a free wellness appointment. Every member can sign up for one—even if it’s been a while since you joined.

What to expect

Wellness appointments look a little bit different based on your needs, but one thing stays the same: You’ll be sitting down with one of our certified coaches to talk about your health history, your goals, and how to best put you on track. Simply put—our wellness appointments are designed to set you up for success.

Appointments generally last about an hour. If you’re new to exercising, your wellness appointment may be an equipment orientation, where your coach takes you around the wellness floor and shows you how to use a few pieces of equipment that suit the goals you’ve set together. If you’re already familiar with the floor, our coaches can recommend exercises based on your experience or answer questions about technique.

Understanding your resources

Each wellness coach has tools at their disposal to help measure your starting point and progress. These tools vary depending on your Y location, but may include blood pressure cuffs, weight scales and body fat percentage monitors. Coaches can also measure your upper body strength, cardio endurance and flexibility through a fitness assessment and use those results to lead you in the right direction.

Beyond the wellness floor

Maybe you’re looking for something more than a solo workout. Our wellness coaches are also connectors—meaning that they’ll connect you with the program or class that’s right for you.

If you need community support to help keep you accountable and motivated, maybe there’s a group exercise class you’d enjoy. If you have a specific goal, like improving your quality of sleep, your coach may recommend a personal trainer. If you have joint pain or need something of lower impact, you may find yourself directed towards an H2O fitness class.

There’s something for everyone at the Y, and a wellness appointment is a great way to get familiarized with all that your membership offers.

Getting the most out of your appointment

Our coaches create a safe space for you to talk openly about your challenges. When your coach understands your limitations and aspirations, they can help create action steps and SMART goals to encourage you along your health journey.

Staying accountable

Your coaching doesn’t end with your wellness appointment. Now that you’re part of our Y community, your coach will always be a resource. Whether you have questions about an exercise or machine or you just need a little extra encouragement and guidance, your wellness coach is there to help.

Sign up for a wellness appointment at your center's Welcome Desk.