Some 'Me' Time for Mom

We found Katherine with 10 minutes to go in her strenuous bike workout and thought it was the perfect time for a chat. What, Katherine? You’re barely able to talk because you’re pedaling so hard? Tell us more!

Katherine: It’s one of the most important things I do all day because I’m a stay-at-home mom. My husband’s in a pediatric dental program. He’s very busy. I’m with my son 90 percent of the day, so to just have a break is really nice.

How old is your son?

Katherine: 13 months

What’s your normal routine?

Katherine: I’ll do like 35 minutes on here, then I’ll walk on the treadmill, and then I’ll do some weight lifting.

Impressive. Have you met other exercising moms?

Katherine: Oh yeah! Lots of different moms and everyone downstairs [staff] is awesome and really sweet—super trustworthy at the daycare.

Tell us something interesting about you.

Katherine: I lived in northern Maine for three years. It was like negative 30 degrees a lot of the time.

Ahh! Welcome back to the South! What do you do when you’re not at the Y?

Katherine: I take care of my son. I like to cook. That’s pretty much it.

That’s a lot of responsibility. Would you recommend your Y routine to other new moms?

Katherine: Absolutely. It’s the most important thing you can do for yourself.

Have you noticed a difference in how you feel?

Katherine: Oh yeah. I’m about five pounds away from where I need to be, but it’s not that big of a deal. I’m older; I’m 36, so I feel like it’s helped me take off the baby weight. It’s been awesome.

Do you feel stronger? We notice it’s getting harder for you to breathe, so please elaborate.

Katherine: Yes.

Lastly, tell us your whole life story. Start from the beginning and don’t leave anything out! Kidding. But really, is there anything else you want to use the precious air in your lungs to say?

Katherine: This is just a really good place … good people.

You’re good people, Katherine! We admire your positive attitude and work ethic.

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