Let’s do lunch! On a bike, that is. And we won’t be consuming calories; we’ll be burning them off. You in?

This quick cardio program is ideal for when you need to fit a great workout into a busy day. Whether it’s a lunch break or an evening trip to the Y after the kids are asleep, you can easily hop on a bike and follow the routine.

First, adjust the upright bike to your body. When you’re standing, the seat should hit at your hip. Sitting down, your knees shouldn’t fully extend when you pedal. Instead, keep a very slight bend. If it doesn’t feel right, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our wellness staff to help you set it up.

Our basic exercise bikes (pictured) have levels on the ride side of the screen. We'll be starting at level 4. Or, if you are on a spin bike, use the resistance knob to determine your own levels, using the 1-10 range.

Feel free to experiment and see what’s challenging enough to get your heart rate up and legs burning without overdoing it. Okay, let’s cycle!

The 20-Minute Workout

Stay at 72 RPM throughout the routine.

Maintaining speed is what makes this an effective workout. You will steadily increase the resistance as you go, with a short break between two climbs. If you need more breaks during the workout, drop down to level 4 to recover. Then, bump up the resistance whenever you are ready.

Time Level Notes
0:00-3:00 4 Warm up
3:00-9:00 5-10 Bump it up one level every minute
9:00-11:00 4 Active Recovery
11:00-17:00 5-10 Bump it up one level every minute
17:00-20:00 4 Cool Down

Don’t forget to stretch when you’re done!