Frequently Asked Questions

Who can refer a new member to the referral program?
Any active YMCA facility member can refer a new member to be their Better Together Buddy.

Who can join the Y under the referral program?
Current members can refer anyone who has not been a member of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee for at least 30 days prior to applying to the referral program.

What are the benefits of referring a new member?
By referring a new member, current members can give a friend or loved one the chance to receive 20% off their joining and membership fees as long as you both remain members of the Y.

If current members have a qualifying membership type (see below), then they could also receive 20% off your membership fees as long as they have a Better Together Buddy with an active membership that qualifies for the discount.

How can I refer someone?
To refer a new member, you’ll need to give them your barcode or Membership ID and your email address (so the Y can keep you updated during the application process) and give them the link to apply online.

Can current members refer more than one member?
Yes! While you can only receive a maximum 20% reduced membership rate, we encourage members to refer multiple friends to ensure you’ll continue receiving a reduced rate even if one of your Better Together Buddies leaves the Y or no longer qualifies for the program.

Can I refer a member to a branch other than my own?
You can refer a member to any YMCA of Middle Tennessee membership center.

What membership types qualify for a reduced Better Together membership rate?
The Better Together reduced membership rate can only be applied to any traditional YMCA facility membership type that pays the YMCA directly through an automatic bank draft. The discount is not available for corporate memberships subsidized by employers or paid for via payroll deduction, insurance-based memberships (such as Silver&Fit) or another third party that pays your Y membership dues on your behalf.

What corporate memberships can qualify for a discount?
The Better Together discount can be applied to corporate membership accounts that:

  • Do not otherwise receive a discount of at least 20%
  • Are not subsidized by their employer
  • Pay membership dues directly to the Y directly through an automatic bank draft (accounts paid via payroll deduction or invoice are not eligible)

How soon will the reduced rate go into effect?
New members who join the Y through the Better Together program will receive the reduced rate from the time they sign up online for their membership. Referring members who qualify for a reduced membership rate can expect to see it applied on the next payment cycle after the Y has confirmed that their Better Together Buddy has joined the Y with a valid membership type.

How long is the reduced membership rate valid?
Current members with a qualifying membership type will receive a reduced membership rate as long as one Better Together Buddy they have referred remains active with a qualifying membership type. Should either Better Together Buddy cancel their membership or no longer maintain a qualifying membership type for any other reason, the remaining member will have 30 days to find a new member to refer to the program. If the remaining member does not find a new Better Together Buddy after 30 days, their membership rate will automatically revert back to the next-best rate option available to them.

What happens if one of my referrals changes their membership status?
If either Better Together Buddy changes their membership type to one that no longer qualifies for the referral program (such as an insurance-based or corporate membership), their Buddy will no longer remain eligible for a reduced membership rate. If you have more than one Better Together Buddy referral, your discount will be associated with your next Better Together Buddy in our membership system. If you do not have any other Better Together Buddies, you’ll have 30 days to refer a new member to the Y in order to maintain your reduced membership rate.

Can I combine the Better Together discount with others I have?
As a YMCA member, you are entitled to receive the best single rate option currently available to you. Different rate discounts cannot be combined.

I have a friend and we both want to join the Y at the same time. Can we sign up as Better Together Buddies?
No. At least one Better Together Buddy must be a current YMCA member before they can refer a new member.

Before this program started, I referred multiple families to join the Y. Can I receive a reduced rate for their memberships?
No. The referral rate reduction is only available to current members who refer a new member to the Y.

I’m having trouble with the application process. Who can I contact for help?
Our Membership Experience Team is available weekdays, 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. to assist you. Please contact them via our online form or by calling 615-742-7332.