YMCA preschools are licensed by the state of Tennessee and facilitate hands-on, age-appropriate learning experiences designed to capture and build on a child's imagination and interest. The curriculum actively engages a child's reasoning, creative thinking and social skills in a way that instills them with happiness and self-confidence. YMCA preschool programs are offered Monday through Friday. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Choose 2 or more days per week.

Payment Information

  • Annual Registration Fee- $65/individual, $100/family
  • Angelou - (12-24 months) $265/week
  • Da Vinci - (12-24 months) $265/week
  • Matisse – (24-36 months) $255/week
  • Picasso -(2.5-3 yr. olds) $245/week
  • Rembrandt - (3 yr. olds) $230/week
  • O'Keefe -(3 yr. olds) $235/week
  • Van Gogh - ( 4-5 yr. olds) $200/week
  • Wait list fee- $65

*Fees are based on classroom. Ages in rooms will vary depending on transition times.

For more information: Contact the Margaret Maddox Y at 615-743-6226 for current information about space availability, weekly pricing and program offerings.

Small children in a group