If you like to keep track of your steps, you may have noticed that a full work day can take a toll on your movement. While we can’t all run a mid-day 5K, we can take a few strides towards increasing our daily exercise. Plus, it’s been shown that employees who are more active are more productive. That’s research we can get behind!

Here are 5 ways you can get started that add up over time.

1. Take advantage of lunchtime

You may not be up for anything sweat-inducing, but don’t let that stop you from getting your blood flowing during lunch hour. Take a long walk or try a group exercise class that’ll get you moving without being too strenuous, like yoga.

Two tips to make that lunchtime workout easier: Pack your bag the night before so that you don’t have to waste time in the morning, and get to work a little early so that you can get in a full hour of exercise (with time to change!) during the day.

2. Opt for active breaks

When you’ve finished a long task, take an active break to recharge your mind and body. A simple walking lap or two around the office can get your muscles warmed up and can even boost your mood (thanks, endorphins!). You’ll find it much easier to move onto the next project.

3. Go for walking meetings

Movement isn’t just for breaks. If you don’t need your computer, why not try a walking meeting? It could be something as simple as circling the building for a weekly check-in or project update. Plus, you can add calendar dates or write yourself a note on-the-go via your smartphone.

4. Jazz up your commute

If you live near your workplace, you could, of course, bike or walk to work. Not only is this better for the environment, but you’ll also find yourself feeling more awake when those morning meetings roll around. If you don’t live close enough, you can still add some movement into your daily commute. Park in the farthest corner of the lot. Walk briskly instead of moseying to your car. Take the stairs instead of the elevator—and make that a habit.

5. Visit a new floor

If you work in a building with multiple levels, take advantage of it! A great way to sneak in daily exercise is by spending a few extra minutes to grab coffee or use the restroom on a floor that’s not yours. A few hidden perks to this strategy: You won’t get pulled into work conversation in the restroom. You’ll get to encounter people you don’t normally see. You’ll be in the loop when the folks on the 7th floor are throwing a birthday party.

It’s easy to get moving when you’re intentional about your exercise. If you need a reminder, you can set an hourly notification on your phone that tells you it’s time to take an active break. If you’re into fitness tracking, you can also set up reminders through your smartwatch. Maybe it’s a sticky note on your desk that'll do the job. Turn these small tricks into habits, and you’ll find your energy levels up.

What's next?

Now that we’ve got you moving at work, why not pair those good habits with a healthy lunch? Sheet pan recipes make for easy cleanup, and you won’t be stuck sabotaging all the health benefits of those walking meetings with daily takeout for lunch. We recommend the Sheet Pan Fajitas or, if you’re up for some quick meal prep, the Greek Chicken Bowls.