Group exercise instructors push us to new limits and inspire us to take our workouts further. When they're not teaching healthier habits, instructors are keeping their heart rates up with some of our favorite YMCA fitness classes.

Have you ever wondered which programs motivate our motivators? Here's where you can find our group exercise pros.

Wynedka Palmer: "I personally like Les Mills BODYPUMP (weight training to cool music) and Les Mills SPRINT (High Intensity Interval Training on a bike). There’s little-to-no impact on your joints in a great, fat-burning, 30-minute class with the 'after burn' effect. The music is cool, too! I also love restorative yoga for the muscles and the mind."


Suzel M. Bonome-Shields: BODYCOMBAT, BODYFLOW

Valerie Fowler: cardio kickboxing, cycling

Audrea Webb: "[I like any group exercise class] that allows me to 'get out of my box' and be challenged and inspired by a fellow instructor. Variety is the 'spice of life'; it is the benefit of cross-training that keeps us fresh and helps us avoid feeling burnt out!"

Mariann Karatsonyi: "I love having a rotation and trying all of them out."

Mickie Cooper: "[I go for] 'newness' all the time. I like classes where it’s not the same old workout every time."

Evelyn Wilson: "I like to attend Zumba, hip-hop dance and yoga."

Ready to give one of these new classes a try? You may see one of our other instructors there! Find your next fitness obsession on our Group Exercise schedule and keep your form in tip-top shape with our best and worst wellness techniques.