family dance party

Let’s get up and move together!

Exercise doesn’t have to mean a dedicated, hour-long workout where you clear your schedule for a cardio circuit. When you’re at home with your family, a great way to get active and moving is with a dance party. You’ll be surprised at the crazy dance moves you’ll see from your kiddos (and the adults in the room)!

This playlist is a family-friendly mix of songs that span generations. We threw in The Jackson 5 and Bee Gees for the parents, a little One Direction and Glee for the teens, and plenty of movie favorites for all ages to shimmy and shake. And, you won’t have to worry about lyrics.

We challenge you to a dance-off! Need a little something to get started? Here are a few icebreakers:

Who can make up the best dance routine?
Who will win the dancing Simon Says?
Who has the best dance facial expressions?
Who can sing all the lyrics to a song?

Make a game out of your family-friendly dance party with the added bonus that your whole clan will be jumping around and getting their heart rates up. It’s a great way to encourage healthy kids!