Strengthening Our Social Infrastructure

In one of the country’s fastest growing cities, the Downtown Y finds itself at the center of the social infrastructure needed to support the health and vitality of the people living and working downtown. 

We work with area non-profits to address critical issues related to childcare, education and the physical and mental health of individuals.


“The YMCA has been downtown for nearly 150 years,and continues to invest in the future as a vital resource for those who live, work and play downtown.”      
- Tom Turner, President and CEO Nashville Downtown Partnership



“The YMCA is open to all and supports the diversity of our city...that’s why we are proud to support them.”      
- Courtney Ross, Sr. Manager of External Affairs, Amazon




Map of Downtown YMCA Impact

This map showcases the radius of the Downtown YMCA's impact, including:

  • Partnerships with nine area organizations

  • Childcare for over 2,000 children from 22 schools in a six-mile radius

  • Over $300,000 annually in assistance and program support

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