RENOVATION highlights

More workout space and 24/7 access

The new Downtown Y will feature an expanded wellness floor footprint with room for more strength training and functional fitness spaces as well as 24-hour access to a portion of the wellness facility.

Gym with a view

Our reimagined basketball gymnasium will feature wraparound, elevated views of Nashville Yards and the downtown area. The space will also include in-laid pickleball court lines.

Rooftop recreation

A new rooftop deck will feature a designated fitness lawn for fresh-air classes and additional wellness opportunities.

Community spaces

Showcasing the Y’s commitment to fostering community, several intentionally designed spaces will serve as “landing zones” throughout the facility and play host to social gatherings, training classes, meetings and more!

Activity areas for youth

The new Downtown Y will feature an improved Y-Play area for children ages 6 months-6 years and a brand new Youth Activity Center (YAC) designed just for kids ages 7-12.

More places to park

Expanded parking options include two additional parking levels off 10th Avenue to give members easy access to their new and improved Y.

Indoor Swimming

The new Downtown YMCA will feature a brand new indoor aquatics center. Stay tuned for more details!