Personal Training at the YMCA of Middle TN

Personal training isn't just for bodybuilders. 

At the Y, we have members with all sorts of goals. You may want to lose weight, build muscle or increase your endurance. One thing you don't want is to waste your time on exercises that aren't helping you reach that important goal. Whether you're hoping to shed 50 pounds or run your first half marathon, it's key to have a plan-of-action that's personalized. 

1) Personal training connects goals with success.

YMCA Personal Trainer Eric Hagar gets to witness firsthand the success that members find with customized workout plans and a trainer that keeps them accountable. "Personal training is the best way to get the most out of what your gym has to offer," Eric says. "Too often, members come to our wellness centers and do the same workout, take the same class, or get on the same piece of cardio equipment over and over again."

By committing to that same routine, you're conditioning your body in the exact same way—which means you could be missing out on another exercise that would take you to the next level.

2) A plan is built completely around you.

"Personal training can show you personalized workout routines with expert instruction that will help you reach your goals, highlight group fitness classes that will be beneficial to those goals, introduce new forms of exercise, and show you new ways to improve your cardio on your favorite piece of equipment."

One of our members, Yomara, was tired all the time and lacked motivation. Through personal training sessions with Janet, Yomara found a renewed sense of energy and recouped her sleeping schedule. Read Yomara's full story here.

3) You won't be chained to the scale.

According to member surveys, the number one reason that people join the YMCA is to lose weight. And, overwhelmingly, it's the number one reason people decide to try out personal training. In conjunction with this goal, Eric says, personal trainers see a recurring theme: becoming obsessed with the scale.

"People have a tendency to assess their value or their success by what the scale says. If their weight isn’t going down they view that as a failure. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can make so much progress with the scale not moving at all. You can burn 5 pounds of fat, gain 5 pounds of muscle, improve your performance, look and feel better, drop an entire pant size and weigh exactly the same (or even a pound or two more) than when you started. The scale can lie to you."

4) It inspires an all-around healthier lifestyle.

Personal training isn't a quick fix. "This is a lifestyle decision," Eric says. "We train so we can go skiing or hiking for a weekend in the mountains. We train so we can play soccer with our kids in the backyard. We train so we can climb the bleachers to watch our grandkid's football game. The list goes on. We train so we can. This isn’t just about teaching you how to work out properly. This is teaching you a new way of life."

5) Personal training is for everyone.

At the Y, we've made high-quality personal training accessible and affordable with 30- and 60-minute session options all week long. Everyone (as long as you've been cleared for physical activity by your doctor) is welcome to try it out at one of our 14 locations across Middle Tennessee. "There are no age restrictions and we welcome all levels of fitness," Eric says.

If you're new to personal training at the Y,  take advantage of our 3 for $99 special. You'll get three 30-minute sessions to see if it's something you want to continue. (Spoiler alert: we think you will!) We also offer 3 60-minute sessions for $129! Sign up at the Welcome Desk.

Ready to take your health to the next level? Fill out a personal training interest form and we'll get you connected.