We’ve all heard before that drinking enough water can be life-changing, but have you ever dove (pun intended!) into why water is so important? Is drinking a gallon every day really going to add years to your life? What’s the inside scoop on what all that water is doing to your body? Let’s take a closer look.

First, water is essential in literally every single one of your bodily functions. The human body can go weeks without eating due to our reliance on fat storage, but we can only make it three days without water! When you increase your daily intake to meet your body’s needs, the side effects are numerous. Aside from a few extra trips to the bathroom, you’ll start to notice:

1. Improved temperature regulation

When our bodies start to heat up, we release water through our skin in the form of sweat. This cools us down on hot summer days and prevents us from overheating. Being hydrated makes this process much easier.

2. A better detox 

Been thinking about a juice cleanse or a detox diet you saw on Instagram? Think again! Your kidneys and liver are actually quite excellent at what they do and are all you truly need to eliminate toxins in your body. But they can’t work without water! Forget about the expensive cleanses. Grab a bottle of H2O, and start guzzling.

3. Increased flexibility

Water makes up a whopping 80% of the cartilage found in your joints, and without it, their ability to absorb impact can decrease over time. This leads to pain and lack of mobility, which can really impact your performance in the gym as well as your quality of day-to-day life.

4. Less overeating

Drinking water before meals can help prevent overeating by helping you feel less hungry. Water can also help with weight loss if it is consumed instead of other caloric beverages because water has ZERO calories! If your goal is to lose weight, next time you go to grab a drink, choose a water instead of a sugary beverage.

5. Enhanced performance during exercise

Being hydrated helps your body more efficiently transport blood and oxygen, especially to your muscles during workouts. Water helps your body perform by acting as the middleman for energy-producing reactions—meaning that you can run farther, jump higher, and swim faster.

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