To help you get started the right way with your 2015 fitness goals, we’re sharing the most common fitness misconceptions we hear at the Y—and ways you can avoid them on your way to enjoying a healthier New Year.

This common myth has a few variations. “Weightlifting is for bodybuilders.” “Heavy lifting creates bulk.” Some of our members—women in particular—worry that lifting heavier weights will lead to beefy muscle tone and a “too buff” physique.

In fact, lifting weights leads men AND women to a leaner body and a higher metabolism. Maintaining a balance between strength training and cardio yields the most effective results—whether you're looking to “get toned” or build some major muscle. That healthy balance reflects the Y's greater mission, too: to support our members in devoting equal attention to spirit, mind and body.

  • Start small, start safe. As with any wellness plan, gradually build to a level that works for your body. It's OK to start with the smaller weights at first, master the correct form, and continue adding a little more weight with each workout to push yourself. At the Y, your safety and your success matter to us.
  • Take a class. If you’re new to lifting weights, participating in a group exercise class is one of the best ways to learn—with instructors who will coach and challenge you. See a list of strength training classes.

Gain confidence in the weight room with a free wellness consultation, which includes an equipment orientation. Stop by your Y’s Welcome Center to schedule an appointment.

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