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The Heritage Club recognizes donors who have made a planned gift to the YMCA Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The Foundation is honored to have more than 500 individuals who have left a lasting legacy by including the YMCA in their estate plans.

For members of the Heritage Club, a charitable bequest or other estate gift to the Foundation passes on their family's values and ensures the Y serves other families for years to come. Their lasting impact has helped make the YMCA of Middle Tennessee what it is today.

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Liz Wilson

H.G. Hill Jr. Philanthropic Award

Each year, we invite all Heritage Club members to a special dinner to recognize a deserving donor with the H.G. Hill Jr. Philanthropic Award, the club's highest honor.

Generously sponsored by the H.G. Hill Realty Company, the award perpetuates the memory of H.G. Hill Jr. who served as Chairman of the YMCA Board of Directors from 1950 to 1953 and again from 1965 to 1967. H.G. Hill was an instrumental leader to the YMCA of Middle Tennessee for more than 50 years.

2023 H.G. Hill Jr. Philanthropic Award Recipient

Liz Wilson

For 2023, it is the YMCA Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s distinct privilege to present its highest volunteer honor, the H.G. Hill Jr. Philanthropic Award, to Liz Wilson.


Past H.G. Hill Jr. Philanthropic Award Recipients

  • 2021 & 2022 Trudy & Bill Carpenter Family and Gracie and Dennis Scandrett
    2020 Lawson C. Allen
  • 2019 Governor & First Lady Bill Lee
  • 2018 Leilani S. Boulware
  • 2017 Betty and Mary Dickens
  • 2016 Jimmy Webb
  • 2015 Cal Turner
  • 2014 Bob and Ruth Napier
  • 2013 Richard and Sandra Fulton
  • 2012 Bill Wilson
    2011 Frances Caldwell Jackson
  • 2011 Anne Caldwell Jackson
  • 2011 Wentworth Caldwell, Jr.
  • 2010 Barry and Homer Gibbs
  • 2009 Mary and Lee Barfield
  • 2008 Kaye and Ron Knox
  • 2007 Bond DeLoache
  • 2006 Sen. Douglas and Lolly Henry
  • 2005 Frank and Linda Burkholder
  • 2004 Marshall "Shag" Polk
    2003 Irene and Ridley Wills
  • 2002 Honey and Joe Rodgers
  • 2001 Florence and Buzz Davis
  • 2000 Anne and Dick Ragsdale
  • 1999 Anna and Bill Wadlington
  • 1998 Cathy and Bill Turner
  • 1997 Ann Knestrick
  • 1997 Walter Knestrick
  • 1996 Margaret and Dan Maddox
  • 1995 Sis and Dortch Oldham