Did you know that workout buddies who met at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee have become lifelong friends, helped each other after setbacks, and even gotten married?

Our members get it: we’re better together.

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Sure, you could achieve your goals alone. But you’ll seldom hear a powerful transformation story from someone who says, “I did it without any help.”

So grab a friend, family member, or come find a new fitness partner in one of our classes. Whether you work out three times a week or once a month, here are five ways it pays to have a buddy by your side:

  1. Fun factor

    Some buddies have a knack for cracking a joke at the worst (or best) moments—like while you’re desperately trying to hold plank position. Having a partner there to share the pain can make it a less painful experience…dare we say, even an enjoyable one? Up the fun factor in your workouts with someone who sees the glass half-full.
    This power trio grew stronger as friends through fitness.
  2. Accountability

    You are less likely to bail on a workout when someone else is counting on you. Even on the days you have to drag yourself to the gym kicking and screaming—at least you got there! A buddy brings an invaluable accountability that’s nearly impossible to muster up on your own.
  3. Double success

    You finally did a pull-up! You made it through the whole workout without cheating! You ran a 5K! What’s even better than reaching a fitness goal? Celebrating it with a buddy. The joy in victories—both small and large—multiplies when it’s shared.
  4. Healthy competition

    Ever found yourself trying to outdo the person next to you? Then you realize: Hey, I am lifting more than I thought I could! Having a workout partner pushes you beyond your perceived limits. The mixture of adrenaline and desire to achieve is a powerful force.
    Jonathon helped Nina get back in the gym after becoming a mom.
  5. Stronger relationships

    When all is said and done, our relationships matter the most. Every hour you invest at the gym with a friend or family member, you are also investing in the relationship. Some of the strongest bonds are forged through facing a challenge with another person or group of people. So while achieving your fitness goals will be good, the journey there will be even better together.

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